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Telecommunication Cable ELQXBE (EKKX) White, 4-wire, 1x4x0.5mm

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Telecommunication cable ELQXBE (EKKX) White, 4-wire, 1x4x0.5mmProduct informationELQXBE (EKKX)100V. Halogen-free PE-insulated, HFFR-coated signal cable for telecommunications and digital telecommunications.Pair-twisted (1x4x0.5 is twisted to four-screw) and unshielded.Open, fixed installation indoors and in pipes. Can be ordered with RJ10, RJ11 or RJ45...

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Reference: DVD+R47CBED10

Brand: TDK

TDK DVD +R 16x 10,Pieces, Spindle

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TDK DVD +R 16x 10,Pieces, SpindleTDK recordable media DVD's are available as write-once DVD+R or rewriteable (1,000+ times) DVD+RW disc.Thanks to their capacity of 4.7GB, up to six hours of high-resolution digital video can be recorded onto a blank DVD.Blank TDK recordable media DVD's are of course also ideal for data-backup and multimedia...

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